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We provide Quarterly/Semi-annual and Annual compiled financial statements with and without disclosures for bank/floor plan financing and absentee ownership interests.



This is a cost effective alternative to audits that can meet loan covenant requirements and regulatory reporting needs.


Know the Difference Between a Complilation, A Review And An Audit


Agreed-Upon Procedures

In an agreed-upon procedures engagement, we execute definitive procedures to benefit our clients or other specified users of our report in assessing certain subject matter or assertions about subject matter, following a process driven exclusively by the needs of your business. Our clients or specified users of our report agree upon the procedures to be performed and take responsibility for the sufficiency of the procedures for their purposes. The procedures we perform are applied to the subject matter based upon the criteria established. Our report on the results of applying the agreed-upon procedures are in the form of our findings.

The subject matter for an agreed-upon procedures engagement may take many forms and may be as of a specific date or for a defined period of time. Examples of agreed-upon-procedures engagements include a) due diligence on buying a business, b) specific issues relating to selling a business, c) licensing and royalty engagements, and d) internal rate of return calculations.

We have well over 35 years of experience in the performance of agreed-upon procedure engagements for companies of all sizes in a variety of industries.


Property Owners Association Accounting Solution

  • All fees on a Monthly Per Unit Basis
  • Monthly/Semi-monthly/Annual Dues Invoicing and Collections
  • Expense Disbursement and Accounting
  • Monthly/Quarterly/Annual Financial Reporting
  • Budget Development
  • We are insured & bonded.  We can take the accounting details off your Treasurer’s plate & allow him or her to be a more effective board member for your association.


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