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Why Invest



Diversify your retirement portfolio:

Over the long term, real estate investments have provided a powerful combination of appreciation and income.

Protect your retirement from stock market volatility:

Real estate assets with a positive cash flow provide real dollar earnings as opposed to daily valuations that can vary significantly depending on current stock market conditions.

Buy low, enjoy the cash flow and sell high:

Take advantage of the historically low real estate prices and with foreclosures still available, now is a good time to invest in real estate. Generate a positive cash flow from rental properties within and to your IRA. Enjoy the significant capital appreciation when real estate prices recover to normal levels as the U.S. economy improves.

Take advantage of the current high demand for residential rentals:

As homes continue to go into foreclosure, the number of displaced former homeowners continue to look for rentals. Much of the rental demand is from younger households that are postponing or even canceling homeownership in favor of renting. The decline in the homeownership rate has been sharpest for those household heads under 30 years of age. The national rental vacancy rate continues to decline from its high early 2010. According to the US Census Bureau for the second quarter of 2016, the US rental vacancy fell to 6.7% and US median asking rents was $847.

Enjoy the tax deferred advantages of your IRA:

All income and capital gains flow back to your IRA tax-deferred or tax-free if within a Roth IRA.

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